Hostal Montaña, health in the valley of iron

Hotel, apartments, restaurant, taxi and coaches


Welcome to Hostal Montaña, a friendly place to stay as well as a family restaurant. Our aim has always been satisfying the needs of tourists, who have been coming since 1964 to our valley to hike in the high mountains, take pictures, relax and be well fed, lose touch from everyday routines and breath fresh air … to enjoy good health!

Vall Ferrera

Situated in the eastern part of the Pyrenees, the Vall Ferrera shows its beauty all year through, but especially in spring time, with flowers blossoming and water everywhere.

  • Mountains 3.000 metres high
  • Rivers, streams and cascading brooks, lakes and ponds, woods and fields.
  • Houses, mountain sheds, barns and forges.


  • To learn more about us and what surrounds us:ña-Alins-de-Vall-Ferrera

  • Instagram: @hostalmontanaalins

  • CLOSED FROM 11/01/2021 TO 05/03/2021


  • We welcome you with open arms!