The natural environment surrounding Hostal Montaña is an invitation to enjoy trekking, adventure sports and skiing.

Hiking, snowshoeing and skiing

Just as an instance of what you may enjoy: a walk through forest Virós on mountain skis or snowshoes, during the winter; the limitless walks in the Natural Park of the High Pyrenees, covering most of territory of the Val Ferrera; a 4-wheel drive to Andorra through the village of Tor or a climb up the legendary Pica d’Estats, to the peaks of Monteixo (2905 meters) or Norís (2834 meters). By accessing the peaks of the valley, see the beautiful sights of the impressive lakes, as Aixeus, Baiau, Baborte, Sotllo i d’Estats. The best idea to explore them and enjoy them is a one-day excursion with a picnic lunch.

Adventure sports

From the village of Alins, and only 10 minutes away driving along road L-510, we are in Llavorsí, the very centre of river sports. Rafting, kayaking and hydrospeed, any way to surf La Noguera Pallaresa, as well as bungee jumping, are great as adrenaline releasing activities.

Fishing and tranquility

If you are not looking for adventure but prefer a quiet time, you made the right choice, too. Vall Ferrera has many ideal places, peaceful corners far from the madding crowd. The patient fishermen throwing the rod are good testimony of the silence that echoes in this valley.


Both adventure and quietness can be found in perfect combination in Vall Ferrera, with visits to hermitages, churches and cultural attractions of this valley. As a testimony of the development of pre-Roman art in the area are the hermitage of Sant Quirc, in the very town of Alins, and Sant Lliser de Virós. But it is also full of small temples in different styles as in Sant Julià d’Ainet de Besán, Santes Creus de Buiro, Sant Francesc d’Araós o Sant Feliu d’Àreu en són alguns. And in Àreu, precisely, you may take a guided tour to the sawmill and flour mill that will eventually give a perfect picture of the importance of wood and water for the valley.