Baixada de FallesPyrenees iron fairMilla Vertical d’Àreu

Baixada de falles

23 de juny

La Baixada de Falles d’Alins is celebrated on June 23, coinciding with the Sant Joan festival, and is part of the summer Festa Major.

This festival resumed almost 30 years ago, after a time when it was no longer practiced.

Today we can say that it is one of the most well-known festivals in the region, which every year brings together hundreds of people who fill the town on the night of Sant Joan.

Pyrenees iron fair

2nd weekend of July

Blacksmiths from all over the world, related agents and many other people will come to the Vall Ferrera, at the foot of the highest mountain in Catalonia, to learn more about the ancestral secrets that accompany iron work. We want to offer you a route that will take you from Roman-era steel workshops hidden in the woods to the most up-to-date art of forging.

Milla vertical d’Àreu

1st saturday of june

The initial test has its origins in the book “The Age of Stones” by the writer Pep Coll, which resurrects the legend of “the Man who ran faster than the sun”; located in the village of Malpui

Legend has it that, “on the eve of the town’s Festa Major, there was a race on foot between the town’s groomsmen. The start was given to the town square just at the beginning of the sunset, and it was a question of reaching the top of the mountain that was precisely in front of and to the east of the village before sunset at the top. The prize was the right to choose a godmother for the Festa Major dance. ”